Nicole Wakeman Paintings
Abstract Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings

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Drooling over the Terra series, what a difference and oh so wonderful. Go “that a way”, they are outstanding, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 BH
BH - 11 Nov 2017
I enjoyed seeing you work (for the first time) in JLS Open Studios this past weekend. Of course who doesn't LOVE blue? The swirls you paint are just so evocative though calming at the same time. Thanks!
Bob F. - 16 Jun 2015
Absolutely fabulous! Your pieces radiate with light and joy. And in your New Work grouping, the "Origins" series are a special delight. Congratulations and keep "reaching"! Elizabeth
Elizabeth - 9 May 2015
Thank you for the tour. I enjoyed your works. Bill
Bill Brown MD - 16 Apr 2014
Hi Nicole, My Mom is Ann McGlashan and she was your Mom's roommate back at Mills College many moons ago! This is how I got your link- Just want to say I love your work!!!!
Kristen Hilt - 21 Jan 2014
Fabulous work! It was fun catching up with you today.
Lynda Briggs - 10 Oct 2013
Nicole, your paintings are wonderful, so lively and energetic. They give very positive vibes. I also think your website is one of the best I've encountered. Kudos!
Kate Anderson - 20 Feb 2013
Simply gorgeous. Very free yet deep. Spiritu is my favorite and they are wonderful. You've got amazing talent.
Karen Ivanis - 30 Jan 2013
Sorry to miss your opening. Charlie and I are off to France on the 15th for two weeks. See you in class when I get back.
JoAnn Lieberman - 10 Sep 2012
It was a pleasure to meet you at East Bay Open Studios. Your work is very beautiful, silky, and pure in heart.
Asha - 11 Jun 2012
You are rockin' it! Keep up the great work! btw, nothing speaks louder than a broken color painting to show the world you are a Pasky student! lol Cheers!
Tim Bernard - 5 Apr 2012
nicole, interesting work--hope we can see it in person next time we get to bay area..Kelly was here for dinner and turned us on to your work. especially the eiffel tower & the cathedral in France
Love your latest addition!
Eileen shalk - 30 Aug 2011
Just love your website. So very informative and creative and very organized. Just love all of your work. I'm so glad you're now part of AWA and that I was the person (Fellow Artist Opps! Female Artist that invited you to join!
Jeanie Beanie - 1 Jul 2011
I love the landscapes. What a wonderful artist. Thanks for sharing. They are simply spwibamis.
Hilary McCue - June 1, 2011 - 1 Jun 2011
Wow! You are amazing women. - 27 Mar 2011
Simply stunning! Each piece is unique and so expressive. By studying your work, I hope to gain some insight in giving my art more depth and drama. Keep creating!
Eileen shalk - 9 Jan 2011
No wonder the painting on the home page sold! So excited to be President (or CEO) of the Nicole Wakeman fan club and part of this cool 'in crowd'.
Jeri Boomgaarden - 21 Dec 2010
Nicole, you are so multi-talented in the scope of your large body of work from abstracts, landscapes to broken color, etc. A delightful, visual treat and loving the texture and color of the originals that invite one to peer closeup. Thanks so much for the web notification. Carole Stanfield
Carole Stanfield - 27 Oct 2010
zamboni, as always; if not flintimpsis—meaning cool! and pride as always with a talented, perspective-oriented person who can express immense insight into her work. Your mom and dad are so proud. Why does Jerry have to look as if no burrito is in sight—as they used to say, your work is SO out-of-sight. Bless you lovely creator.
Louis Hough - 17 Oct 2010
OOO-LA-LA!! So very continental and I give you an East Coast praise.... "Your Wicked Good!" Looking forward to seeing these in person! Continued Success.
PETER A COLUCCI - 12 Oct 2010
Amazing as always, but then again I have always been one of you biggest fans!
Kimberley Meier - 12 Oct 2010
Soo cool! Just love it. You are so inspiring!
Jennifer Wakeman - 11 Oct 2010
Simply wonderful!
Patty Benson - 11 Oct 2010
Amazing! As usual, I am drawn in. I can't wait to share these with my next generation of art lovers and show them art is everywhere. You are lucky to be able to find it in yourself.
Julie Miller - 10 Oct 2010
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